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Blogs by Fiona

April – a time for Release and Renewal

Right now, with the energies that surround Mother Earth, humanity is under massive pressure to release what is not our true selves – to release all the fear, control, greed and manipulation.  All these patterns originate from the ego mind and if we are to move forward into a new paradigm on this planet these aspects need to be released.  They will no longer serve us in the new paradigm – The Age of Aquarius.

We are being called to let go of the familiar – the familiar is not always to our benefit! The familiar is the repeated negative patterns that we go around in circles with, time and again.  The Base Chakra tends to hang on to the familiar, even if it is painful.  The Base Chakra represents security – financial and otherwise.  So if you are hanging onto a job, a business, a relationship, a friendship that you know to be no longer serving you, don’t be afraid to gently let it go.

Currently the Base Chakra is under alot of pressure to let go of old patterns and now is the time to reflect on our core beliefs.  It is a time of Truth, to let go of false beliefs and what is simply not true.  A time of self honesty.

This year, 2017, is about the end of Illusion!  The Universe is forcing us all to really see ourselves, as painful as it may be for some, but necessary so that we can come into a time of clarity.