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An incredible Healing

Profound things can happen in a healing session!

I was privileged to do a Healing on a client last week who, due to his incredible sensitivity, had absorbed some quite dark energy from a work associate who he has to deal with regularly.  He mentioned he had been feeling tired, unwell and low in mood.  I saw the dark grey energy move out of his body and I asked for it to be wrapped up in a vortex of light and removed from the earth plane.

The amazing thing was that I was then shown a visual image of the source of this negative energy – an older woman who my client has to associate with in his work. I saw her clearly and was shown that she feels threatened by his high integrity and the caring way he works with his clients.

After the Healing there is always time for information exchange and feedback, as I don’t talk during the healings.

I gave the client the description of the woman, and he confirmed he knew exactly who it was but most importantly he was given the tools to energetically protect himself from her in the future.