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The Age of Aquarius – a time for Liberation and Freedom

With the energies coming onto the Earth Plane at the moment, many will feel lonely, a sense of isolation.  The Universe is calling on humanity to change and transform – lonliness and isolation come from the ego mind and the false conditioning that is imposed upon us in society.  So this is being heightened now, all in order for us to release these false concepts from our ego/human mind and we are being called to get more into our hearts.

We are being prepared for a new age – the Aquarian Age – potentially a time for freedom and liberation.  The energies coming onto the planet at present are very like the ones that came in, in the mid 1964, 65 and 66.

The limiting establishment patriarchal institutions of authority, power and control – which are really all our institutions worldwide – have all been created by the fearful ego.  Poverty, starvation, war – and the list goes on – are all created by the fearful ego. This is a time where the ego in all of humanity needs to be brought back into balance – balance with the Heart and the Soul.  It is the Ego that has created all the lonliness and abandonment in humanity.  Not everyone will go with these beautiful energies, but they will find if they don’t they will create more suffering for themselves via their control, greed, fear and manipuation patterns and behaviours.

We are potentially coming into a time in the world that is far more loving and compassionate, but all the institutions are wanting to kill this beautiful new age of Aquarius.  Human beings who are really in their egos have closed hearts and the energies coming down onto the planet now are having the effect of opening the Heart Chakra more and more.  This can be a time of Love.  We are being asked to deal with our closed hearts, people.

The wound of seperation needs to be healed.  The Ego limits humanity, and this is becoming more and more obvious.  For example, just about all clients that I see who are employees are becoming more and more unhappy and disillusioned with the way their work places are being run and by the way staff and clients are treated.

We are going through a crisis in Consciousness – we need to learn how to get along with each other and it is the ego that prevents this.

What is true?  What is really ethical?  What is really sustainable?  We need to seriously think about many questions like this in order to create a new world.  To create a society where all beings are treated with respect.  It can be done, but the ego has to be brought under control first.  The ego needs to be in balance with the love and truth of the Soul. We need to live life in a Conscious way – to wake out of the slumber of illusion that the ego has created.  The ego is about survive, conquer, dominate, control.  It is time to think with your Heart, and not the head.  It is time for the Heart.