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I have been a Psychic Medium, Clairvoyant Counsellor Healer, and Astrologer for over 20 years

Gold Coast Psychic Medium Fiona Goddard

“Tribal Experiences”

In my mid 30’s I had the most fortunate and beautiful experience of spending time with the Native American Hope tribe in the desert of the USA.

The Medicine Man recognised my Soul telling me “I know who you are”.  He saw the mediumship and healing ability present in me since birth – he could see it in my human energy field.  So beautiful to be with the Hopi – they are a people who are truly in touch with themselves and live in Grace and Love, and are content.

They are the wisest and kindest of people; their wisdom and teachings so beautiful, so in harmony with nature and each other. I felt like I was home!  Their way of life makes so much sense.  “Do No Harm – to Mother Earth, all aspects of nature, and each other”.  This can only be achieved when Spirit and Ego are in balance.   My greatest wish is for western culture to adopt at least a degree of this true and loving way of life.  It would be so wonderful to see people in Western culture far more content than they currently are.

This is one of the main experiences that inspired me to begin working with clients.  The Hopi Indians encouraged me to use my natural gifts to help heal the lives of others.  And to assist those living in western culture to attain a higher level of understanding and harmony within the self, and so then able to create understanding and harmony in their lives.

Near Death Experience

I have experienced the early stages of the death transition.  This event happened in my early 20’s as a result of a vehicle accident where I was a passenger. 

The physical impact was severe, and I quickly found myself floating above my body.  The paramedics seemed to arrive quite quickly and I witnessed them working on my body, administering CPR trying to bring me back.  One was calling my name and I heard it as if I was in a distant tunnel.  I can honestly say that being physically “dead” was one of the best experiences of my life.  I experienced a blissfulness, a peace and a sense of great love like I had never felt before.

There is nothing to fear in the death process.  It is a beginning.

Gold Coast Psychic Medium Fiona Goddard
Gold Coast Psychic Medium Fiona Goddard

Psychic Childhood Experiences

By the time I was 4 years of age I was already aware that the people around me could not perceive what to me was just as much of a reality as the physical world looks.

I was seeing many beings in Spirit, some I knew as passed over family members or older neighbours, and other beautiful beings of Light.  I found these experiences comforting.

Many spirit animals and spirit children would visit me – often at night.  I had a whole other life going on – of course my parents did not believe me – at least not initially. They were neither encouraging or discouraging and even as a very young child I appreciated that they just simply did not understand, and were unsure of the best approach.

Things turned around a little when older family members, as well as older friends and neighbours began to pass into the Spirit World.  They would come and visit me – always 2 days before we had heard the “physical” news of their death.  I knew who they were and I would go to my parents and tell them about the Soul who had come into my room the night before.  Then within 2 days we would hear the news of the death of that same person.

Then at school I could sense, see and feel any difficulties, struggles or sadness with my school buddies; many of whom would confide in me continually.  This began when I was 8 years old.  So my Soul calling in life manifested at a young age, and as an adult I have had the privilege of working with the public for 20 years.

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