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About Fiona

The Psychic Counsellor


Over the last 22 years I have worked professionally on the Gold Coast as a Clairvoyant, Psychic Medium, Astrologer and Soul Healer.

I was born with high level gifts of acute awareness, telepathy, clairvoyance and the psychic sight that enables me to connect with Souls in the higher dimensions. My abilities are natural, not learned, and I see souls and energy dynamics with my physical eyes as well as spiritual eyes – which is rare, even for most Mediums, to see Souls and energy with their physical eyes.

I am grateful for my natural psychic abilities that have brought thousands of people comfort, understanding, clarity and direction regarding all areas of their lives; love relationships, career, family and health.

My greatest passion is to heal and empower others to discover their potential and to find an increased level of happiness and fulfillment.

Psychic Childhood Experiences

By the time I was 3 years of age I was already aware that the people around me could not perceive what to me was just as much of a reality as the physical world looks.

I was seeing many Souls, some I knew as passed over family members or older neighbours, and others were beautiful beings of Light. I would tell my parents about the Souls I saw and they would confirm they had died.

Spirit animals and spirit children would visit me. I had a whole other life going on. As a young child at bath time, I sometimes saw birds playing in the bath and would not want to get into the bath for fear of sitting on them!

While at primary school I could sense, see and feel the difficulties within and around my classmates; many of whom would confide in me continually. They created a roster of who was to sit next to me each lunch time to have “psychic counselling”. I see how my Soul calling in life, manifested at an early age and as an adult I have had the privilege of working with the public for over 20 years.

Tribal Experiences

In my mid thirties I had the incredible experiences of direct teachings and knowledge from Shamans and Medicine Men, particularly in Native American culture in the USA. It was the Medicine Men who directed and encouraged me to share my gifts to benefit humanity.

The Medicine Men could see the high levels of psychic and healing abilities present that have been present in my energy field since birth.

It was beautiful to be with the Hopi people – they are truly in touch with themselves and live in Grace, Love, Unity and co-operation.

Being some of the wisest and kindest of people on the planet, their teachings are so in harmony with nature and each other. I felt like I was home! Their way of life makes so much sense. “Do No Harm – to Mother Earth, all aspects of nature, and each other”. My greatest wish for western culture to develop at least a degree of this sustainable and loving way of life. It would be so wonderful to see people in Western culture far more content than they currently are.

This is one of the main experiences that inspired me to begin working with clients. The Hopi Indians encouraged me to use my natural gifts to help heal the lives of others. And to assist those living in western culture to attain a higher level of understanding and harmony within the self, and so then able to create understanding and harmony in their lives.