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Blogs by Fiona


This time in the world is about enormous transformation. The old and unworkable structures that have ruled heavily for so long are now beginning to break down – because they have never been sustainable to begin with. Do you know anyone who wants to face the dark side?? We live in a world that doesn’t even attempt to accept it. There seems to be a quick fix for everything dark in one’s life – take a pill, think positive, go to that retreat etc Although there is nothing wrong with shifting your perception back to the positive, it is important to recognise and address what lies deep beneath the problem you are experiencing. Darkness isn’t something to fear – it is the necessary catalyst to achieve intense transformation of the self. In this time in history many are going into a dark abyss in order to heal within as this is the only way to move forward. We all need to arrive at the core of an issue, to reveal the deepest part of ourselves, in order to reach our most beautiful self. Do any of you know people who have gone through extraordinary difficulties this year? This year it has been necessary to let go of anything in your life that is unsustainable, whether it is a job, a relationship – anything! Out of these endings, new life must begin. What have you been holding onto? Don’t be afraid to let go of what isn’t working in your life anymore. A lot of people I have seen professionally this year alone, tell me that they are lost, confused, flat and sad. When we are on the dark side of the coin, we feel like we are stuck, but you need to sit in what needs to be changed in your life and do your best to accept that the loveless relationship, the uninspiring job just needs to leave your life so you can open other doors. Without exposing what is wrong and what must end in life, we can’t truly explore our true dreams and goals that we desire so much. Always remember that love prevails, after a period of devastation. As more people awaken, the next three months are the ultimate task to master the awakening process and to be exposed to the deep tests of death and rebirth within. Becoming spiritual, in the true sense of the word, is a baptism of fire – there is nothing flakey or airy fairy about it. Know that if your life, or aspects of you life, are being smashed to pieces – that new order and a lot of happiness will result.