I feel incredibly fortunate that the majority of people who come to me as clients have the most beautiful hearts, and are a pleasure to work with.

To those of you I have already met I want to say that I hold the greatest respect for your courage and willingness to question and then explore what is still considered to be to some degree, in western culture anyway, a more unorthodox approach to gaining more understanding to assist you through your pain and struggle to contentment; your openess to embracing information on the true reality life and death ; the willingness to gain a deeper understanding of who you really are. My work goes beyond all of the more conventional modalities that are one dimensional by their very nature – and just tend to address the mental plane only.

Assisting you all has been a deeply rewarding and fulfilling experience for me.

And to the clients I have not met yet, the message I want to convey is that if you hold a high degree of empathy and compassion, if you feel as though very little makes sense in our western culture (you are right!), if you are experiencing high degrees of pressure of any kind, if you struggle to understand why many behave the way they do, and see the complete futility as to why people hurt others in so many different ways – whether financially, emotionally, physically, or spiritually, if you are highly sensitive and tune in to the pain of others, – I can definitely assist you in gaining deeper understanding, as well as providing solutions.

In our Australian society, so many people are experiencing massive financial debt, intense practical, mental and emotional pressure and our material/technological way of life is now very much in question as to whether it truly serves us. Everything is corporatised now, and this is clearly not serving the majority.

There are many who now live in isolated situations; many men and women who live alone without any true support and working as well as having to address all the mundane aspects of life, leaving little if any time for leisure. In a healthy and supportive society the Soul and the Ego are in balance in the majority of human beings. And this is what creates true community – and all human beings need true community – we are tribal creatures, and were never designed to do life completely solo.

And, very importantly, when people actually commit to joining together creating real physical communities – actually connecting to each other IN PERSON as opposed to the over use of online communities!! Although there are advantages in being able to access information more easily is some respect, the over use of technology in our society is creating far more isolation than it is true connection.

More and more I am seeing clients in deep distress for many of the above reasons. Many relationships are now breaking down because they lack balance, compassion and harmony.

In our culture many operate purely from their ego – the ego is the basis of all fear whether it manifests as greed, manipulation, mental emotional or physical violence, bullying, lying, cheating etc When a human being is mostly in their Ego you can guarantee they are going to cause pain to others, whether they mean to or not.

We need more Soul, and the good news is that this is going to be the wonderful transformation in these coming times that will achieve balance and harmony within humanity so that we can enjoy the material, as well as the spiritual. Right now it is completely out of balance. This is causing massive pain to many, in many different ways.

Over years of intense research, guidance and personal experience I have gained deep understanding, based on Truth, as to many of the reasons for all the struggles, as well as some major solutions!

There is hope!! Right now is a purification period on planet Earth and things will improve.

In the meantime I so look forward to meeting you to assist in improving the quality of your life, creating more harmony, assisting you in discovering purpose and meaning, and helping you to recognise the beautiful being that you truly are.

With love, Fiona