The following is an excerpt from one of the best and most factual books I have ever read “Family of Light” by Barbara Marciniak.

“A truly fine healer understands that reality always delivers its messages, and that lessons land first in the emotional field and then in the physical body. Initially you may have a mental idea and then emotionally experience it, yet it occurs in the field of your energy because it is a spiritual lesson. The energy around you that we refer to as Spirit, ether, or the energy of life, can either command you or obey you. Sometimes this energy commands you to deal with situations, or possibly an opportunity is presented through adversity or loss. Cleverly disguised messages are hidden in every aspect of living. A true healer can sense the messages in your field and work with you before the energy turns to ailments in the physical body. The discomforts and dis-ease that may move through your physical body are there because they were not addressed with them while they were in the mental or emotional body, or in the ethers. We ask that you please listen to the messages; the lessons Spirit wants you to experience. Ideally your empathy will grow through your own experience and this in itself is a great lesson in living”.