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A Changing World – leaving the old Paradigm and heading for the New Paradigm

There is alot of chaos in the world at this time, but we are moving ahead to a better world. Many people are suffering from “Ascension Sickness”. Those suffering from this are heading toward a new way of being. Many people are changing and evolving at a rapid rate (the Mayans predicted this centuries ago) where our world will be “divided” between those who have awareness, and those who are “asleep”. The people who have awareness are the ones suffering “Ascension Illness” and some of the symptoms are: dizziness, waking up several times a night and often in a hot sweat, blurry vision, aches and pains, memory loss – to name a few. Our bodies are developing more DNA strands as we evolve and this is why many are experiencing these symptoms.
Those who are evolving are the souls who “have a good and kind heart”. Individuals and corporations, whether they are well known or not, who operate from greed, power and control are heading toward some hard lessons – many will lose their wealth and power and people will finally be able to see them for who they really are. Any one who has had power and control over other life forms will not be able to get away with it anymore – these people will be exposed – by themselves! So there are very interesting times ahead as we move toward a better world. There are even people in my line of work who have negative intent towards their clients and they will not be able to keep going this way – thank goodness!