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Blogs by Fiona

2022 A time of great change is upon us

Bringing more balance, hope, community and harmony within society, we now have Pluto transiting through the final degrees of Capricorn. Pluto brings corruption to the surface so that it can be exposed and transformed. Saturn is responsible for restructuring anything that no longer works for the greater good of humanity.

We are in a time of massive change, and it is so important not to let fear of the future take a hold of you. It is a time of great transformation where humanity has the opportunity NOW to balance the Ego and the Soul. The more people who work at this, the easier this transition is going to be.

The Ego is of the Mind and its function is to protect the body against harm. In western culture the Ego is overused and it creates the idea that humanity are separate from one another.

Not true!

All negativity comes from the Ego mind – unfounded fear, greed, manipulation, wielding power, stand over tactics, deception, violence, arrogance – the list goes on! The Soul is Love, kindness, compassion, true power, calm, peace. Each living soul needs to decide as to whether they are committed to work on this balancing, and to bring themselves into harmony.

When people operate purely from their Ego mind, you can guarantee they are not happy campers! Even if they are very materially wealthy.  Western culture encourages those who live within it to operate from the Ego mind – but the Ego mind is never satisfied. It is the false self, whereas the Soul is the true self.

Now we do need a degree of our ego mind to function – simply to protect the body. During these next few years, the transition to a better, fairer, more loving way of life will be easier for those who choose harmony and balance.